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Bid and Contract Award Results
Q: How can I obtain Bid and Contract results?
A: Bid results may be obtained by looking up a Past Solicitation and selecting the “Awards” hyperlink, or by contacting the Contract Specialist assigned to the solicitation.
Contracting Opportunities
Q: Are all Sound Transit contracting opportunities posted on this web site?
A: No. Sound Transit intends to post all contracting opportunities where the estimated contract value is greater than $100,000. However, Sound Transit from time to time may post contracting opportunities less than $100,000.
Q: Should I still register if contracts in my line of business typically are for amounts less than $100,000?
A: Yes, you should still register. Sound Transit utilizes registered vendor lists from this system to solicit quotes less than $100,000, as well as formal procurements over $100,000.
Document Holders/Bidders Lists
Q: How can I obtain a list of all parties interested in proposing/bidding on a solicitation?
A: A list of firms/vendors that have indicated that they are interested suppliers can be found by opening the solicitation and selecting “Document Takers” under the “Related Bid Information” section.
Downloading Documents
Q: What do I do if I have problems downloading documents?
A: If you have problems downloading documents, you can contact Biddingo at or call (323) 206-4114 for technical assistance.
Pre-Proposal/Pre-Bid Meetings
Q: Are Pre-Proposal / Pre-Bid Meetings mandatory?
A: Most Pre-Proposal and Pre-Bid meetings are not mandatory. If the meeting is deemed mandatory, it will be clearly indicated on the solicitation summary. Not attending a mandatory meeting will result in disqualification. Regardless, attending can help provide clarification regarding the project and submittal requirements, which can be valuable before submitting a bid/proposal.
Project Managers
Q: How can I find out who the Project Manager is? And may I contact him/her?
A: You will be provided the Project Manager's name and contract information at the time of contract award. Until that time all questions should go through the Contract Specialist listed in the solicitation document.
Q: I forgot my password.
A: For password assistance, please contact Biddingo at or call (323) 206-4114 for technical assistance.
Q: I want to deactivate my account.
A: For account assistance, please contact Biddingo at or call (323) 206-4114 for technical assistance.
Q: Why can’t I receive some Biddingo email notifications?
A: If you are not receiving emails from Biddingo (e.g. login/password details, bid announcements/invitations, etc.), your email client or server may be blocking the email addresses as spam (;; ), or the email may be stuck in your junk folder. We recommend checking your junk folder, and adding “” to the Safe Senders list in your email client. If you continue to have issues receiving emails from Biddingo, you may need to ask your IT department to add “” to the company email server Safe Senders/white list. For more information or to troubleshoot issues, please contact Biddingo at or (323)-206-4114 for assistance.
Q: How do I add additional contacts to company’s Biddingo account?
A: In the event you wish to have more than one contact on your company account, after you register your company please contact Biddingo at or (323)-206-4114 for assistance. Biddingo Support will send individual login credentials to each additional contact requested.
Q: How do I make changes to company’s contacts/email addresses?
A: In the event you need to make changes to contact details on your company account, please contact Biddingo at or (323)-206-4114 for assistance.
Small Business Development & Labor Compliance
Q: I don't know if I meet the small business qualifications.
A: For assistance determining if your business qualifies as a small business, use the 'SBA Search' tool located at
Q: How can I be "certified" as a small business?
A: There is no formal certification or registration process for a small business. Rather, a firm in effect "self certifies" by indicating (for example, in a proposal or other application) that it is a small business under applicable guidelines.
Q: How can I be "certified" as an M/W/DBE?
A: Contact OMWBE (toll free: 1-866-208-1064) to request an application. Submit the application, supporting documents and $20 processing fee to OMWBE at 406 South Water Street, PO Box 41160, Olympia, Washington 98504-1160.
Q: What are the benefits to a business in being certified as M/W/DBE?
A: The benefits vary according to the certification status:
* Sound Transit, other transit districts, cities, counties, port authorities and state agencies that receive U. S. Department of Transportation funding must have a DBE Plan that includes an annual overall numeric goal as to the level of business it expects to do with DBE firms on their federally assisted highway, transit, aviation and transportation projects. State agencies have annual procurement /contracting goals to do business with MBE and WBE firms.
* Linked Deposit Program -- Two percent interest rate reduction on loans and other financing is available to MBE and WBE firms that qualify for commercial financing with a participating Washington bank.
* DBE Support Services Program - Business development training and technical/financial/bonding assistance is available at no cost to DBE firms engaged in highway-related activities (OMWBE administers this program.). Bonding and financial assistance is also available through USDOT TEAM-West and the Small Business Administration (SBA). See the "Contractor Resources" link on the left side for contact information.
* Marketing - All M/W/DBE firms are listed in the OMWBE Directory of Certified Firms on OMWBE's website at - providing firms increased visibility to government and private sector buyers.
Q: What are the parameters of being considered a small business?
A: A firm will be considered a small business, if it is a participant of the U.S. Small Business (SBA) program. A firm is also a small business if it is within the SBA size standards, which is determined by the type and size of business. For more information, log on to
Q: What is an M/W/DBE?
A: "M/W/DBE" is the general term referring to a business that is certified by the Washington State Office of Minority and Women's Business Enterprises (OMWBE) in one or more of the following capacities: Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). Each designation has specific eligibility criteria. For more information, please contact OMWBE (toll free: 1-866-208-1064) Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. OMWBE staff will answer your specific questions and also assist you in completing the certification application form. You may also visit OMWBE's website at Click on "QWIKCHEK" and answer the short questionnaire to determine in less than 30 minutes whether you are likely to be eligible for certification.
Q: Where do I get more information on Sound Transit's diversity programs?
A: Call Sound Transit's main line at (206) 398-5000 and asked to be connected to a staff member in the Office of Small Business Development & Labor Compliance (formerly known as the Diversity Programs Office) or send an e-mail to
Solicitation Documents
Q: How can I get solicitation documents?
A: To receive solicitation documents, you must first register as a vendor. To do so, click on the "Vendor Registration" button on Sound Transit's Vendor Portal web page. Once you have signed in as a registered vendor, you can download solicitation documents by going to the solicitation and selecting the “Documents” hyperlink. On the “Bid Documents” tab, select the “Download” link for the document(s) you wish to download.
Q: What is a solicitation document?
A: A solicitation document, usually in the form of an Invitation for Bids (IFB), a Request for Proposals (RFP), or a Request for Quotes (RFQ), refers to the document inviting firms to submit a bid, proposal or quote for specific goods or services that Sound Transit is requesting. A solicitation document describes the requested goods or services, the items required to be submitted, and the selection process.
Submitting Bids / Proposals
Q: How do I submit a bid and/or proposal?
A: Bids and Proposals should be submitted in accordance with the instructions outlined in the solicitation document. Each solicitation may have different submittal requirements. Therefore, it is important that you read and follow the requirements described in the solicitation document when submitting Bids/Proposals, otherwise your Bid/Proposal may be found non-responsive.
Submitting Questions
Q: How do I submit a question?
A: For questions related to a specific procurement, click on the 'Q&A Board' hyperlink on the solicitation listing or contact the Contract Specialist.