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Township of Ramara

Aquatic Weed Spraying (3 Year Term)


Closing Date: 03/01/2021 4:00:00 PM ET


The Lagoon City Parks & Waterways Commission (LCPW) is responsible for the maintenance of the navigational canals in Lagoon City. Aquatic weed spraying has been carried out over the past several years to assist in the reduction of material in the lagoons which impede boat mobility.

The Commission is inviting quotations to:

  • Make an application for a Permit to Perform a Water Extermination to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change;
  • Purchase and apply:
    • Pesticide REWARD
    • PCP No. 26271
    • Treatment Area 10.5 hectares
    • Rate 25 Litres (product) per hectare
    • Amount 257.75 Litres
    • No. of Treatments One
    • Location 10.5 hectares of Lagoon City canals
  • Works are to be carried out during the first week of July or the earliest possible¬†date specified in the permit.
Equipment Required:
  • A boat sufficient to perform the required water extermination
  • Proper spray equipment to perform the required water extermination
A map indicating the area for aquatic weed spraying is included in this package.

The successful contractor will be required to meet conditions as set out in Section iii Conditions of Contract along with the conditions of the permit.

The Commission reserves the right to negotiate a larger or smaller area of application dependent on the Commission’s budget.

For further information or clarification, please contact Cathy Wainman at 705-484-5374, Ext. 256 or cwainman@ramara.ca.

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