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Bid Scope
University Health Network

Construction Manager - Peter Munk Building Entrance Pavilion (Toronto General Hospital)


Closing Date: 02/09/2021 2:00:00 PM ET



Purpose of the Procurement

Construction Manager for the Peter Munk Building Entrance Pavilion at Toronto General Hospital, UHN

Estimated Contract Award Date

The Work is to be performed from the contract award date (anticipated to be  March 2021) for a period of  2 years.


The description of any options as follows:

One year

Recurring Contracts

For recurring contracts, an estimate, if possible, of the timing of subsequent notices of intended procurement. Recurring Contract is defined as a procurement resulting in the award of more than one contract, or in award of contracts in separate parts. 



The deliverables are listed as follows:

This RFP is issued for the purpose of soliciting the provision of Construction Management services for the Peter Munk Building (PMB) entrance project at Toronto General Hospital (TGH). The work is anticipated to be completed in two main phases.

In order to complete this undertaking in a timely and efficient manner, and to ensure best design and construction practices are observed throughout the duration of the project, Phase 1 solicits a Construction Management firm to join the project team. The selected Construction Manager will work with UHN internal team and design consultant team during Phase 1 Pre-Construction, Phase 2 Tendering and Construction. The successful Proponent should be able to demonstrate expertise and qualifications of having delivered construction and renovation projects of similar scope and magnitude in the role of a Construction Manager.

The project scope includes a new fully glazed entrance pavilion to the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre (PMCC), which will effectively function as a prominent new west entrance to UHN, and a combination of temporary and enabling work in the existing building to facilitate the new construction.

The existing entrance portico and McEwan Atrium entrance will be demolished and replaced with the new entrance pavilion. The existing driveway will be shifted slightly west to accommodate the extended canopy of the new pavilion. The north, west and south facades of the pavilion are to be sophisticated structural glazing with curvilinear corners.
Existing technical infrastructure: mechanical, electrical and security systems, will be extended into the new pavilion addition. Hospital operations are required to be maintained throughout the construction.

Submissions and Opening

The deadline for submissions is 02/09/2021 14:00:00 ET. Submissions must be received Online: https://uhn.bonfirehub.ca/opportunities/37763.

Submissions will be opened at the time and place indicated below:
Address https://uhn.bonfirehub.ca/opportunities/37763
Time and Date Around Feb 20, 2021

Conditions for Supplier Participation

Conditions for supplier participation in this procurement, if any, are stated as follows:

• Declaration 
• Reference Exhibit 
*      CCDC 11 document
• Corporate Health and Safety Policy 
• Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB): Detailed Report of Claims and Safety Report
• Pricing Exhibit  in a separate file

Method of Procurement

The method of procurement is Open to all.
Negotiable Tender No
Electronic Auction No

Procuring Entity Information

Procuring Entity: University Health Network
Address: 190 Elizabeth Street, Toronto Ontario, M5G 2C4
Procurement Contact Name: Leonard D’Souza
Telephone Number: 416-409-2623
E-mail: Leonard.DSouza@uhn.ca

This procurement is subject to Chapter Five of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and Chapter Nineteen of the Canadian European Trade Agreement (CETA).

Documents may be submitted in English.

Document Pick Up
The official Request For Proposal (“RFP”) document may be downloaded from http://www.biddingo.com.  Subscribers to this service can purchase a copy of the RFP document for $100.00 plus an administrative fee.  If you need assistance to purchase online please call Biddingo @ 416-756-0955.

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Category(ies) Selected
  • Construction/ Project Manager
  • Building Projects/ Renovation/ Demolition Projects