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Original Documents
RFP_Supply&InstallationNFPA13DWetSprinklerSystem.pdf Request for Proposal with Appendices  44  2990KB  11/27/2020 
AppendixA_FormOfOffer.pdf Fillable PDF document  67KB  11/27/2020 
AppendixB_StipulatedPriceBidForm_Part1.pdf Fillable PDF document  59KB  11/27/2020 
AppendixB_StipulatedPriceBidForm_Part2.pdf Fillable PDF document  130KB  11/27/2020 
AppendixC_ReferenceForm.pdf Fillable PDF document  59KB  11/27/2020 
AppendixD_Confidentiality&Non-DisclosureAgreement.pdf Fillable PDF document  92KB  11/27/2020 
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  • Construction/ Project Manager
  • Safety Equipment/ Services / Supplies
  • Building Projects/ Renovation/ Demolition Projects
  • Heating/Plumbing/ Mechanical Supplies/ Services