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Original Documents
Pathways Health Centre for Children - Invitation to Bid and Bid Submission Forms.pdf Bid Invitation and Submission Forms  12  352KB  01/23/2020 
Pathways Spec Pkg - Re-Issued For Tender - 01-2020.pdf Tender Specifications  47  1044KB  01/23/2020 
Pathways Dwg Pkg - For Tender - 01-2020.pdf Tender Drawing Package  2782KB  01/23/2020 
Amendment Pathways AD#1 Documents
Pathways - AD #1.pdf Addendum #1  132KB  02/05/2020 
Separate Pricing Revised Forms Pathways Health Centre for Children Pool Renovation.pdf Revised Appendix D - Separate Pricing Form for Bid Submission  106KB  02/05/2020 
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