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RP 0229-19 FINAL.pdf Request for Proposal- Bike Locker and Cage Rental Mgt Program  33  1231KB  10/03/2019  N    
Amendment(s) Documents
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Amendment Addendum No. 1 Documents
Addendum 1, RFP 0229-19.pdf Add Cooperative Purchasing Provision: Pursuant to the Washington State Interlocal Cooperation Act RCW 39.34.080, other government agencies contracting with Sound Transit may purchase services on this solicitation or contract in accordance with terms and prices indicated therein.  45KB  10/15/2019  N     Download
Amendment 2 Documents
Clarifications No. 1, RFP 0229-19 .pdf Questions and Answers   501KB  10/21/2019  N     Download
ADDENDUM NO. 2, RFP 0229-19.pdf Amendments to the RFP   735KB  10/21/2019  N     Download
Addendum No. 2, Attach 1- Proposal Form No. 1, Price.xlsx Proposal Form No. 1, Price in excel format   12KB  10/21/2019  N     Download
Amendment 3 Documents
Addendum No. 3, Attach 1- Proposal Form No. 1, Price - Copy.xlsx Update to RFP, SECTION 3, Proposal Form No. 1, Price-- Added Years to the Option Year Titles, Corrected quantities for Cage Rentals for Option Year 2, 4 and 5  12KB  10/22/2019  N     Download
Addendum No. 3.pdf Addendum to update the Proposal Form No. 1, as included in this Announcement under Addendum, Attach 1.   570KB  10/22/2019  N     Download
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