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Architectural Consulting Services for Renovation and Expansion of Burnhamthorpe Community Centre
Bid #: PRC001505
Published By: City of Mississauga
Bid Type: Invitation(Open)
Value Range: Not Available
Bid Closing Date: 07/09/2019 2:00:00 PM ET
Bid Status: Closed
Bid Documents — Electronic Documents
File Name Description Pages Size Posting Date
Amendment 1 Documents
PRC001505 Addendum no 1 with PRC001505 Addendum No. 1 with attachments  206  19481KB  06/14/2019 
Amendment 2 Documents
PRC001505 Addendum-2 with Attachments .zip PRC001505 Addendum-2 with Attachments   183  51937KB  06/18/2019 
Amendment 3 Documents
PRC001505 Addendum 3.pdf PRC001505 Addendum 3  266KB  06/21/2019 
Amendment 4 Documents
PRC001505 Addendum 4.pdf PRC001505 Addendum 4  1597KB  06/25/2019 
Amendment 5 Documents
PRC001505 Addendum 5.pdf PRC001505 Addendum 5  336KB  06/28/2019 
Amendment 6 Documents
PRC001505 Addendum 6.pdf PRC001505 - Addendum 6   33  6112KB  07/04/2019 
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  • Architectural Consulting/ Interior Design
  • Building Projects/ Renovation/ Demolition Projects
  • Parks/ Recreational Facilities