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Site Co-ordination and Inspection Services for Major MacKenzie Drive (Y.R.25) from Islington Avenue (Y.R.17) to Pine Valley Drive (Y.R. 57)
Bid #: P-19-88
Published By: York Region
Bid Type: Bid
Value Range: Not Available
Bid Closing Date: 05/17/2019 1:00:00 PM ET
Bid Status: Closed
Bid Scope
York Region

Site Co-ordination and Inspection Services for Major MacKenzie Drive (Y.R.25) from Islington Avenue (Y.R.17) to Pine Valley Drive (Y.R. 57)


Closing Date: 05/17/2019 1:00:00 PM ET




RFP # Description
Closing Date  
P-19-88 Site Co-ordination and Inspection Services for Major MacKenzie Drive (Y.R.25) from Islington Avenue (Y.R.17) to Pine Valley Drive (Y.R. 57) May 17, 2019
1:00:00 p.m.
The objective of this RFP is to engage the services of a Consultant to provide Site Supervision and Inspection Services for the construction of Major Mackenzie Drive from Islington Avenue to Pine Valley Drive. The road construction includes the reconstruction and widening of approximately 2.7km of roadway from 2 lane rural road cross section to 6 lane urban road cross section from east of Islington Avenue to west of Pine Valley Drive
The Region requires the following qualified staff to be dedicated for the duration of the project:

  • One (1) Project Manager as required
  • One (1) full-time (40 hours per week) Site Coordinator
  • One (1) full-time Senior Road Inspector
  • One (1) full-time Junior Road Inspector
  • One (1) full-time Senior Structural Inspector
  • One (1) full-time Construction Clerk
  • One (1) part-time Surveyor 
    The term of the Contract shall be for approximately two and a half years, commencing on the date of award of the Contract and ending on December 31, 2021 or the date that the Services are completed to the satisfaction of the Region at its sole discretion.
    Proponents are invited to attend an information meeting to be held on May 6, 2019 commencing at 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm at 90 Bales Drive, East Gwillimbury Room 20010.  Attendance at the information meeting is recommended but is not mandatory.  Proponents are encouraged to email any questions to the Region’s Purchasing Analyst Ivy Ho at a three (3) Business Days before the information meeting.
    To ensure receipt of the latest information and updates via email regarding this bid or if a Bidder has obtained this Bid Document from a third party, the onus is on the Bidder to create a Bidding System Vendor account and register as a Plan Taker for the bid opportunity at the at 
    Electronic copies of the tender documents are available for download on or after April 17, 2019 from the Region’s Bids & Tenders website at http://bids.york.caAll Bidders must log into their account and register for the bid before they can download the bid documents.  There is no cost to set up an account in the Region’s Bids and Tenders System. 
    All Addenda will be issued on the Bids & Tenders website. 
    All Queries regarding the RFP documents shall be directed to Ivy Ho, Senior Purchasing Analyst, Procurement Office Tel: 1-877-464-9675 ext. 71648 Email:    
    Please state the document number when inquiring about this RFP.
    If you require accommodations due to a disability please contact York Region Procurement Office at 1-877-464-9675 EXT 71900 or email
    Proponents are advised that, unless otherwise permitted by the Region’s Purchasing Bylaw, no bid shall be accepted from, nor shall any contract be awarded to, any Proponent with whom the Region is engaged in unresolved litigation.
The Region will ONLY accept ELECTRONIC BID SUBMISSIONS submitted through the Region’s Bids and Tenders website for this Request for Tender. HARD COPY BID SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTEDBids must be submitted and received by the Region not later than 1:00:00 p.m., local time as established by the Research Council of Canada.
The closing date and time shall be determined by the Region’s Bids and Tenders website clock.  The receipt of Bids can be delayed due to factors such as “internet traffic”, file transfer size, transmission speed, etc. The Region therefore recommends that Bidders allow sufficient time to upload their Bid submission, including any attachments.
A Bid will only be considered to have been submitted once it has been received by the Region in its Bids and Tenders website, regardless of when the Bid was submitted by the Bidder.
Bidders will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Region’s Bid and Tenders website once they have successfully submitted their Bid. Bidders should not consider their Bid to have been submitted until they have received the confirmation e-mail.
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