is CETA and CFTA Compliant!

"New Features that take the worry out of tracking and managing CETA related bids"

With the Canada-European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) coming into effect on July 1, 2017, we wanted to share new features that Biddingo has developed that will help Canadian public sector agencies comply with the new mandates.

1. platform is compliant with CETA
In March 2016, we received assurance from the Government Procurement, Trade and Environment Division that meets CETA obligations, as a 'gateway electronic site' that is accessible free of charge to non-registered users. For your reference, we have included their e-mail communication to us here.

2. Bid Advertising Threshold and Duration Requirements (Release July 1, 2017)
Biddingo's Bid Publishing Compliance Requirement feature allows procurement professionals (buyers) to setup the pre-defined dollar thresholds and accompanying timelines for goods, services and construction projects as defined per CETA, CFTA, or any other applicable trade agreements. When a new solicitation is created in R2CoW, the system will automatically detect which trade agreements apply based on the estimated contract value entered and will provide the proper guidelines to the user. The new feature also allows users to set pre-defined conditions or criteria that can reduce the number of days required for publishing.

3. Required Content on Tender Notice (Release July 1, 2017)
The CFTA, for example, requires that certain information be included in the Tender Notice. Biddingo will create HTML based fillable templates that can be automatically applied to tender notices. Users can create and upload their own HTML template.

4. Reporting Tools (Future Release)
Biddingo is in the process of creating reporting tools that will allow users to easily generate statistical reports on solicitations that are subject to Trade Agreement rules. Users will be able to generate reports that collect number of document takers, number of bidders (if eBidding), awardee information, and much more.

Biddingo will continue to monitor closely any new developments from CETA, CFTA, and other trade agreements. This includes CETA's Single Point Access (SPA), which is still a work in progress. As noted before, Biddingo will work towards a solution where bids posted on that are subject to the CETA (based on value thresholds) will automatically be pushed to the SPA when it becomes available.

~ Training ~

Biddingo has created a training schedule that covers the Bid Publishing Compliance Requirement feature and the fillable Tender Notice feature. Please access the training schedule here.

To learn more about how your organization can adhere to CETA and CFTA bid publishing requirements contact Biddingo for more information.


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