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All Linguex Translations Incorporated

Your information was last updated on 03/25/2013

Company Profile:
All Linguex Translations Inc provides translations, scientific translations of hospital records, medical journals, doctor's notes, clinical trials as well as pharmaceutical, business, legal translations. All Linguex Translations Inc. is located at 7 Lorraine Drive in Toronto, Ontario, steps away from Finch/Yonge subway, on the South side of Finch Ave. West, the condo behind Shoppers Drug Mart. All Linguex Translations Inc. provides accurate, timely translations at an affordable price; medical translations are executed by qualified professional university educated certified translators, who hold medical, nursing diplomas & other scientific degrees related to the topic you need the translation for. All Linguex Translations Inc provides large volume discounts up to 30% for selected language pairs. For more information or for a free quote, send an e-mail to paula.lorenzini @

Business Type: Translation - Translation Services

Company Address:
7 Lorraine Drive 7 Lorraine Drive
Toronto Ontario M2N 7H2
Tel: 416 248 0097

Product Catalogue

scientific translations executed by doctors, nurses, experts

All Linguex Translations Inc provides translation services in 88 languages. All Linguex Translations Inc offers large volume discounts up to 30% for selected language pairs, (French, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian) until the end of April 2013 All Linguex Translations Inc delivers accurate, timely translations for an affordable price. For more information, visit our web site at
medical translations : 88 language pairs

medical translations : 88 language pairs. WE offer 30% discount for large volume medical translations for Spanish, English-French-English, German, Russian and Italian until the end of 2012. All Linguex Translations Inc has provided translation services for Health Canada for the past five years, MedClinic, Beausejour Hospital, Cooper Inc. lawyers and for Wananesa Insurance among many others. We provide accurate, on time translations, performed by registered nurses, doctors and other medical experts.
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