Make sure you’re not missing out on bid opportunities

When you first signed up with, you set up “My Profile” and selected your company’s business categories and the geographic locations you’d like to pursue bids in. But if it wasn’t set up properly, you could be missing out on bid opportunities.

Take a few minutes right now to review your profile.

MyProfile is an email notification and advanced search system, which allows you to search bids online and receive daily bid notices that meet certain criteria.

To update your profile, log in to with your User ID and password and click on “MyProfile” at the top of the page. (If you require assistance, please call our Customer Care department at 416-756-0955.)

  1. Ensure your User Information is up to date.
  2. Scroll down to the Bid Categories section and click Update.
  3. Make sure that all the categories pertaining to your business are checked. For category descriptions, click here.
  4. Update the “Country & Province/State” criteria. Use this ONLY if you would like to limit your bid notices to bids from selected provinces. Otherwise, remove selected provinces to receive bids from across Canada.
  5. Update the “Telephone Area Code” criteria. Use of this filter will limit your search results. Important: If you have anything listed that is NOT a 3-digit area code (such as a phone number or multiple area codes on one line), WE RECOMMEND IT BE REMOVED, as it is limiting the number of bid opportunities you are receiving.
  6. If you have any organizations listed in the “Bid Opportunities from Following Organizations” this may also limit your bid opportunities to bids ONLY posted by those organizations.
  7. If any keywords were selected in the “Keyword List for Bid Search”, as specifying keywords will limit bids in your search to ONLY bids containing those words. Using keywords is not necessary if you have selected your categories appropriately (see #3 above).

Basically, the broader your search criteria, the more bids you will receive — that’s it!

Click on “Search Bids with MyProfile” to view the latest bids for your company.

If you have any questions regarding your account
please contact Customer Care 416-756-0955