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Vendor Registration Tips

Get the Most out of Your Vendor Application Submission!!
This document contains the following information sections:

How do I benefit from completing a vendor application form?

Public sector purchasing departments buy numerous types of goods and services. When they are getting ready to buy something they may be aware of various vendors who provide that particular product or service and they may ask those vendors to provide them with a bid. If the purchasing department is not aware of your company, or of the products and services you provide, chances are that you will not be notified when that purchasing department is looking to purchase that type of product or service. This means that you may be missing out on business opportunities!

When you complete a vendor application for a public sector organization, you are making them aware of your company, and of the products and services you can provide. When that purchasing department is ready to buy something, and they look under a commodity listing, they will see your company's name, if you provide that product or service. This means that they are aware that you provide that product, and they may notify your company when they need to buy that particular product or service.

The reasons for completing the vendor application can be easily summed up:

You complete the application to put your company name in front of government buyers who may be looking to buy the products or services you sell!

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Is there any special information I need to know about completing the application form?

There is some information you should be aware of before you start working on completing your application form. The following will provide you with tips on how to best complete the application form for the public sector organizations of your choice, and provide them with the information that they require.

The Application form page will EXPIRE after 30 Minutes.

Why is the page set to expire?

This is a security precaution intended to protect your data from being tampered with. Due to the nature of the information that you will be entering on the Vendor Application (banking, insurance info, etc.) we want to make sure that it is kept confidential. If you start completing the application, then become involved in another task and leave your computer, anyone that is walking by could enter information about your company and submit it. With this security precaution in place, even if you forget to close the application window on your computer, others will not be able to tamper with your data. After 30 minutes have passed, even if they try to submit the application, they will be unsuccessful.

What happens to the data after 30 minutes?

If you do not click on 'Save and Continue to Commodity Classification' within 30 minutes of accessing the application form, the page will expire and any entered data will be lost. To be sure this does not happen to you, we suggest you read the following tips to complete your application:


  1. Print the application form page.
    Some of the applications may require information that you may not have readily available to you, such as insurance or banking information. If you print the page, you can compile all of the data that you will need to submit your application form.
  2. Compile your information and be prepared!
    Make sure you have all of your information ready when you access the vendor application form.
  3. Type your information in an MS Word or Word Perfect document.
    If you feel that, even with the information ready, you may not be able to input the information into the form within 30 minutes, type the info into a word processing program on your computer.
  4. Copy the info from the typed document and paste it into the application form.
    When you login to the online vendor application form, you can copy the information from your typed document (highlight the required information in your typed document, then right click on your mouse and select the 'Copy' option) and paste (on the vendor application form, click in the appropriate field, right click on your mouse, and choose the 'Paste' option) the information into the application form.

It is very important that your application be as complete as possible. It is equally important that you keep your information updated. This means that you can update your information whenever necessary by logging in with the user id and password that you create! Each time you update, the Public Sector Organization will receive email telling them of what you have done.

Choose the commodity codes that best represent the goods or services that you provide.

Carefully review the list of commodities that the public sector organization purchases.
When registering, make sure you choose commodities that apply to your organization. You will not benefit from choosing commodities that you are not fully capable of supplying. Try to limit the number of commodities to below 10, to be sure you are not 'over-classifying' yourself.

Make sure to select the subcategories, if they are available.
After you make your selection of commodities, you click 'Select'. You will then see the list of commodities you have chosen. If any of these commodities contains a subcategory, you will see it. Select all appropriate commodities and sub-classes and click 'Update' to send your completed application.

Why do I have to complete a separate application form for each public sector organization?

Each public sector organization is Unique
Each organization has a custom application and list of commodity codes. They each require different information from their vendors. While insurance information may be important to one organization to have from their vendors, another organization may not require this information.

Each public sector organization Buys Different Things.
While one organization may buy a high volume of paper supplies, another may have no need for this at all. This means that their list of commodities that they purchase will vary, so you need to look at each organization individually to see if they purchase your products or services.

Security of your information
Due to the nature of the information that you are completing (banking, bonding, insurance information, references, etc.) we need to make the information confidential. We want to protect you data, we do not want to make your private, confidential information accessible to any public sector organization using the system. Only those organizations that you want to see your information will see it, because you have submitted it to them.

Does this mean that I have to re-type my information for each individual vendor application?

Not necessarily. Because you are able to identify yourself with your unique user id and password, we are able to store your data for you. What this means is that once you have completed one vendor application, that information will be transferred to the forms of the other public sector organization that require that same information on the applications. This information will not be submitted to them, or accessible by them, until you actively click on their application form and submit it.

This means that you will only have to complete an information section (address info, references, etc.) once. Any time these fields appear on another application that you want to submit, it will automatically be completed for you. You will only need to fill in the information for those fields that were not on the previous forms you completed.

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How to submit a vendor application form?

Step 1. Access Vendor Registration

Go to www.Biddingo.com and click on the "Vendor Registration" option


If you have accessed the vendor application from a public sector's website, you will automatically be brought to the Step 3 phase of these instructions.

Step 2. Choose an Organization

Click on the name of the organization to which you wish to submit your application

Step 3. Login or Register

Option A. Enter your user id and password, if you are currently registered with Biddingo


Option B. Click on the "Register Now" option, if you have never registered with Biddingo.

Step 3. The Application Form

You will now see the application form for your chosen organization.

Complete the application form

Click "Save and Continue"


Enter your email address in the field provided (this will be your user id).

Enter a password that you will remember (maximum 8 characters, case sensitive)

Re-enter the password.

Click "Submit and Continue to Commodity Classification"


Step 4

Click on the check box for each commodity that you provide.

Click "NEXT"

Review your chosen list of commodities and verify that they are correct.

If there are subcategories for your selected list of commodities, you will see them on your screen. Click on the check box for each sub-category that applies to your organization.

Click Update.

Step 5

You should get a message telling you that your application has been successfully submitted to the organization of your choice.

By following the above steps, you will provide the public sector organization with the best representation of your organization. Remember 'update your information as often as necessary' if you change phone numbers, addresses or start selling a new product or service! It is up to you to keep the public sector up to date on your company!

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