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About the Imagine Canada
Imagine Canada is a national registered charity with offices in Toronto, Calgary and Ottawa. Our cause is Canada¿s charities and nonprofits. It is our mission to support and strengthen charities and nonprofits so they can, in turn, support the Canadians and communities they serve. We work on a variety of issues and challenges that face the sector, often in partnership, including funding, human resources, volunteerism, governance, sector accountability and better understanding of the sector through research. It is our role to be a strong voice to issues and challenges and bring them to the forefront of Canada¿s key decision makers and influencers. Imagine Canada is also a forum and meeting place where the sector can come together to mobilize, share knowledge and best practices as well as plant the seeds of innovation. And, we work to create a supporting environment to help charities and nonprofits with tools and resources to enable them to achieve their missions for stronger communities.


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