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About the Woodbine Entertainment Group
Founded in 1881, Woodbine Entertainment Group (WEG), formerly the Ontario Jockey Club, is the largest operator of horse racing in Canada. With established best-practices in integrity and safety, WEG has solidified its position as a world-leader in the sport of horse racing. Approximately eighty per cent of Ontario’s pari-mutuel wagering is through WEG’s distribution network. WEG is the engine which drives Ontario’s horse racing industry which generates 60,000 jobs within the Province’s agricultural sectors.
WEG is an Ontario corporation without share capital operating a multi-dimensional entertainment business committed to maximizing financial performance in order to achieve the highest quality of horse racing. The Corporation has no shareholders and therefore, after paying all required taxes, it reinvests its cash flow, after debt repayment, into upgrading its facilities and products.


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