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Bid Scope
Burlington Public Library

Proposal for Space Planning and Design Services

BPL RFP 2019-02

Closing Date: 12/23/2019 2:00:00 PM ET


Burlington Public Library is looking for design, consulting and interior reconfiguration assistance for changes to its Central branch.  There are no major structural changes required, although minor partition changes may be required along with partial permitted engineering for plumbing additions. 

The goal is to move the “Makerspace” currently located in a program room on the 2nd floor of the Central library to the 3rd floor in order to bring increased access to the community for this service as well as have a multi-purpose space for future programming on the 3rd floor.

Ideally the space will be multi-functional with most of the equipment having the ability to be locked up without access to the public at times when we would like the space to be closed or host various events and programs up on the 3rd floor.
In order to achieve this, we have a design challenge to determine where the existing collections that are currently housed on the 3rd floor will be dispersed across the first and second floor.  The scope of work includes providing an optimal layout for our collections as well as the makerspace and teen space on the 3rd floor.
We will also need furniture recommendation for the 3rd floor to allow for flexibility in how the space will be used by the community during the day to allow for work, quiet study or collaboration on projects.  It will also need to be able to transition easily to larger event space for evening programming.  


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