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Bid Scope

Aggregator Service for Electricity Demand Response


Closing Date: 12/04/2017 12:00:00 PM ET


Scope of Work
Responsibility of Queen’s University: Queen’s University will provide 5 MW of demand reduction when the Aggregator is required to do so under the IESO Demand Response Auction program. The University will also provide access to Utility grade meter data for submission to the IESO for confirmation of the curtailment. The activation process will be via communication with Central Heating Plant (CHP) staff and PPS staff. The protocols for this process are to be agreed to by the University and the successful proponent.
Responsibility of the Aggregator: The Aggregator will be responsible for contracting with the IESO for DR capacity, submitting meter data throughout the commitment period, and any other contractual obligations between the IESO and the aggregator. The aggregator will pay the University in Monthly installments an Availability payment, as agreed to through this RFP process.  Any costs for additional metering or automation will be the responsibility of the aggregator.
Proposed Contract Terms:
Quantity of DR - The contract will be for the supply of 5 MW of Demand Curtailment from the baseline per the method of calculation as laid out by the IESO and calculated in under previous DR3 programs.
Contract Duration:
YEAR ONE - Summer (May 1, 2018 - October 31, 2018) and Winter (November 1, 2018 - April 30, 2019).
YEAR TWO - Summer (May 1, 2019 - October 31, 2019) and Winter (November 1, 2019 - April 30, 2020).
Plus an option to renew for two additional years providing both parties agree to the terms as they may be revised.

Proposals Submitted Only in Prescribed Manner

Queen’s uses a BonfireHub portal for accepting and evaluating proposals digitally. Do not send hard copies. Upload the Requested Documents to: https://queensu.bonfirehub.ca/opportunities/11588

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