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Bid Scope
Durham College

Softball Field Renovation


Closing Date: 01/03/2020 11:00:00 AM ET


1.      Description and Scope of Work

Durham College (the “Institution”) is seeking proposals for the supply and installation of artificial (synthetic) turf and construction materials in order to renovate the existing Softball Field as described in the Deliverables section.

1.1.      Associated Bid Documents

  • Campus Map – Site Meeting Location
  • CCDC 14 Supplementary Conditions

2.      Deliverables

Bid submissions should include responses that demonstrate Proponent’s ability to meet each of the following Deliverables listed below:

2.1.      General Requirements

The Proponent shall be responsible for all design, all permits, coordination, labour, demolition, construction and the installation of all materials, products, equipment and services necessary for the completion, installation and finishing of the synthetic turf system and all renovation requirements. 

Turf Requirements
Remove existing grass turf, top soils, irrigation system to a required depth to be able to provide the sub base, shock pad and new artificial turf field to the same elevation as the existing grass field. Supply and install sub base, drainage system, shock pad, artificial turf field with cryogenic rubber infill, sewn and glued seams.

2.2.1.     Artificial Turf Product Specifications:

  • Field measurement - 210’ Left Field, 225’ Center Field, 210’ Right Field; Bullpen warmup area down each foul line fenced in (2 lanes on Left Field, 1 lane on visiting side Right Field.
  • Pile material shall be manufactured using 100% polymer monofilament yarn suitable for Varsity Softball and Youth baseball or equivalent.
  • Artificial turf colour will be brown infield and green outfield and out of play areas, brown warning track.
2.2.2.     In-fill Placement
  • In-fill materials shall be properly screened and bagged off site and applied in numerous thin lifts using special broad-casting equipment. The grass fabric shall be brushed or otherwise fibrillated prior to applying the in-fill mix. The artificial turf shall be raked and brushed properly as the mixture is applied, and shall be rolled with weighted rollers.
  • The in-fill materials must be installed in sufficient quantities as to ensure that the depth of the in-fill material remains at the level provided in the testing data submitted with the tender documents over the life of the warranty period. Additional in-fill material may be added by the installer after substantial completion to ensure that the field continues to perform to the specifications.

2.2.3.     Resistance:

The entire artificial turf system, including all materials such as turf, scrim, glue, infill rubber, etc. that is used and becomes a permanent part of the system is to resistant to weather, insects, rot and mildew, fungus, be non-toxic, and resist ultraviolet degradation. 

2.2.4.     Installation

  • No artificial turf field installation work is to be performed that is not in accordance with manufacture’s specifications. Not under adverse field conditions such as frozen soil; excessively wet soil; soil covered with snow; ice or standing water.
  • The installer must also follow all industry best practices for the supply and installation of an artificial turf playing field.
  • Fine grade sub-grade is to be inspected by Turf Supplier to ensure surface free of humps and hollows to a smooth and even grade. It will be the Proponent’s responsibility that this sub-grade meets all required specifications prior to starting any artificial turf installation work.
  • All seams shall be both glued and stitched, and be secure for the entire warranty period - at minimal. Seems must be picked clean to be free of any loose turf fibres that have been trapped by the stitching threads or the glue.
  • All rolls must be straight and true when laid out. Any roll or sheet that does not follow the straight and true edge of the preceding roll or sheet or perimeter curb will be rejected. Each roll or sheet must be a common straight and true edge with the adjacent roll or sheet. No fitted pieces will be permitted.
  • The installation procedure for all materials musts be in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and provide for a long-term successful installation of all materials. The method for bonding of materials employed in the system must be provide for a permanent hazard free artificial turf playing field surface.
  • Make good any disturbances to areas outside the limit of work.
  • Ensure proper clean up and disposal of turf remnants as per local regulations.

2.2.5.     Warranty

Warranty shall cover defects in synthetic turf materials, installation workmanship and shall extend a minimum of 8 years from the date of substantial completion and be non-prorated. Warranty shall not restrict the hours of use or exclude high wear areas.

2.3.      Construction Requirements

2.3.1.     General

Successful proponent shall be responsible for all Architectural, Civil (including turf sub base design, using a qualified field turf consultant), Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Life Safety, Storm Water and Landscape design work, drawings and approvals, including permits and supply of any electrical, mechanical and civil services. All work to meet OBC requirements. Successful proponent is required to field measure all areas to verify dimensions, and prepare full sets of drawings for Institution approval and for submission for permits. All work other than the artificial turf field to carry a two (2) year warranty.

2.3.2.     Field, Field Run Off, Warmup Area, Players Bench Area, Spectator Seating Area

  • Excavate existing grass field, top soils, and other material to a solid substrate in order to begin sub base for artificial field. Excavate player warm up areas for sub base for artificial field turf. Excavate player’s benches area and press box area for concrete slab.
  • Dispose offsite of all excess grass, topsoil, and other materials.
  • Removal of existing fencing and backstop; Replaced with new back stop (30’ high); Mesh backstop from dugout to dugout used instead of chain link. Chain link fencing in all other areas.
  • Design, acquire all permits and approvals for proposed Storm Water Management system for field and perimeter area. To be clear, this includes any area within the existing fenced area and any area outside the fenced area that may be impacted by the Storm Water from within the fenced in area.
  • Supply and install of field drainage and storm water system.
  • Supply and install industry standard, compacted granular sub base to the Turf Suppliers specifications, and for the concrete and asphalt areas.
  • Supply and install Turf Supplier Approved Shock Pad.
  • Supply and install synthetic artificial turf field consisting of tufted monofilament fibres, cryogenically processed SBR infill and all applicable softball line markings and shock pad.
  • Supply and install 2 flag poles to concrete base in Center field outside the fence (1 Canada flag and 1 DC Lords flag).
  • Supply and install new scoreboard to be located in Right Center field. 18’ x 4’ x 8”;Mounted on steel poles with branded top “HOME OF THE LORDS”
  • Supply and install 500-seats raised aluminium pre-fabricated bleachers set on concrete footings and gravel base positioned in horseshoe configuration around home plate and stopping at start for dugouts; Accessibility opportunity in the seating plan for wheelchair access. Fold down stadium seating chairs for 100 fans in centre section behind home plate.
  • Supply and install 2 batting tunnels down LF line on poured concrete slab.Each tunnel 15’ x 70’ x 12’ high.
  • Supply and install 2 baseball studio covered dugouts (metal roof) with 2 level player seating and overhead equipment storage. Branded screens wrapped around back of each dugout.12’ deep x 36’, poured concrete slab with rubber mat flooring and electrical outlet (4) available for pitching machine use and accessible from field side.
  • Remove and dispose of existing field lighting; Replace with Musco LED“Lighting –Structure Green” with energy saving lights and reduced light spill and glare systems or equivalent as well as new poles (7).
  • Supply drop in bases set at two base distances 60’ and 65’. With portable high end baseball mound included for youth baseball play when not booked for softball.
  • Supply and install branded padded wrap around Home plate to protect ball and catchers 2.0’ high around lower backstop in play.Forest green padding branded HOME OF THE LORDS with logos on either side.
  • Incorporate within the design an accessible footprint for a 4 station portable restroom trailer with 1 AODA compliant station.
  • Supply and install proper garbage receptacles (8).

2.3.3.     Fenced in Area

  • Eight Feet- high perimeter fence with access gates around field in 2 locations (Left Field foul line and behind Home plate). 
  • Six feet high playing fence down each foul line and around perimeter of Out Field. 
  • Branded Forest green fence screen covering entire Out Field fence. DURHAM COLLEGE / HOME OF THE LORDS and PAST CHAMPIONSHIP TITLES recognized. Nothing branded in 30’ section in dead center field. Batter’s eye.
  • Perimeter fencing to close in and secure facility from foul pole around press box to opposite foul pole – 8’ high Chain in link. Forest green Fence branding at main entrance and 40’ down each side left and right. DURHAM COLLEGE “HOME OF THE LORDS” and PROUD MEMBER OF THE OCAA. Include Lords logos and OCAA logo.
  • Utility gate for access down left field line at end from parking lot and into playing surface. In order to access playing field with maintenance vehicles. 
2.3.4.     Press Box/Storage/Umpires Room

Complete construction, supply and install of a two (2) storey structure behind home plate with a footprint of 12’ x 24’ to include the following: 
  • Second floor access via exterior metal stair case with railing and landing.
  • Accessible exterior electric stair Chair Lift to be supplied and installed on the building side of the stair. Accessible 2nd floor door hardware required.
  • All doors will have Sargent hardware, including closures, deadbolt, cylinder, D- pull handles, 12” kick plates, push plates and any accessible hardware to match the Institution.
  • Building structure wood framed walls, floors, roof with pre-finished wood siding exterior walls, and painted doors. Finished facia, soffit, eaves trough, down spouts, and run off to grass area included.
  • Any required life safety items. i.e. Sprinkler, standpipe, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke detectors, co2 detectors.
  • First Storey
  • Storage Room with 3 caged areas, with an electrical receptacle in each caged area, and roll up garage door access with automatic controls and remote control functionality.
  • Small coach’s office that could double as a change room.
  • Small umpires change room with benches and hooks for 6 umpires, vinyl composite floor tile, finished painted walls and ceiling, lighting with motion sensor, and electrical receptacles.
  • Hollow metal exterior doors and frames.
  • Potable water supply with drinking fountain.
  • Eight (8) exterior receptacles located as follows: 4 in front of building, one on each side and 2 on back of building.
  • Second Storey
  • A Game Operations Room (scoreboard control, scoring and PA System 12’x10’, VIP Viewing Room 12’x14’; Space to have wood finished walls, interior wood doors, acoustic ceilings, VCT floor tile and have hard wired internet service (service by FFE, for live streaming broadcasts of games, data boxes and jacks by base build), lighting with motion sensor, and multiple electrical receptacles (16). Millwork 15” ledge in each room to edge of window with 16 custom padded chairs.
  • Front and side glazing on second storey for view and video broadcast capabilities Ability to open window for camera filming, scoreboard operation and speaker sound system; Speaker sound system to be included in press box for music and PA.
  • Security cameras installed in 6 locations; to be determined.
  • Any required life safety items. I.e. Sprinkler, standpipe, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke detectors, co2 detectors.

2.3.5.     Change Rooms

Supply and install of 1- 24’ x 32’ used school portables to be used as change rooms. Each portable shall be divided into two individual change rooms by means of a wood framed wall or metal stud wall with painted wood finish on both sides (no drywall) to match existing, measuring approximately 16’ x 24’ each. Install rubber flooring over current used portable floor. Plus painting of room. Each portable shall include:
  • Excavation, footings/ pier blocks engineered to support the structures.
  • Skirting around the bases of all portables to match exterior finish and enclose the underside.
  • Pressure treated wood stairs, landing, and railings to each entrance.
  • Eaves trough, downspouts, ground drainage as required.
  • Power supply to each portable. Motion sensor LED lighting in each change room and at each exterior entrance. Minimum four (4) receptacles in each room.
  • Any windows to have window frosting film applied, from a height of five (5’) feet and below.
  • Any required life safety items. i.e. Sprinkler, standpipe, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke detectors, co2 detectors.
  • One half of the portable will be identified as a Varsity Change room for the Varsity Women’s Softball team while the other half will be for the visiting team. The varsity change room will require millwork ‘upper stalls’ with shelves, hooks and continuous hangar rod for 20 players (photo provided). The other half of the portable will be the visiting change room and if necessary will be the accessible change room. The visiting change room will have 56’ lineal feet of portable bench seating and 56’ of fixed wall mounted coat hooks as per the attached sketch. The visiting change room door access must be accessible and have ramp, railing and accessible door hardware.
  • Each change room to have Institution approved Sargent door.

2.3.6.     Storage Shed

Supply and install of a seasonal utility storage room measuring approximately 12’ wide x 24’ long and 10’ high. Shed shall include:
  • Two hollow metal doors and frames, deadbolts, closures, kick plates, push plates, D-pulls hardware measuring 36” x 80”.
  • Lockable with roll up garage door access and one standard entrance door.
  • Concrete pad floor.
  • Electrical power and panel for LED interior and exterior lighting, and workshop receptacles. 12 interior electrical receptacles and 4 exterior receptacles.
  • Any required life safety items. I.e. Sprinkler, standpipe, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke detectors, co2 detectors.

2.4.      Samples

Proponents should include the following samples with their bid submission that demonstrates the level of quality the Institution can expect if awarded this opportunity.

  • Artificial turf sample 12 by 12 inches.
  • In-fill sample in plastic sealed container no larger than 4 ounces.
  • Artificial turf seam sample that has been thread sewn – minimum 12 inches by 12 inches.

2.5.      Project Schedule

  • The turf field must be complete for use by August 15, 2020.
  • Overall project completion by September 1, 2020.

3.      Parking

  • Free Parking is not available, public parking is available on campus for a fee.
  • Parking rates are available at https://durham.parkadmin.com/
  • Costs for parking shall not be billed to the Institution.

4.      Health and Safety

The Proponent shall be solely responsible for ensuring the safety and health of their agents, employees and subcontractors as approved and for ensuring that their activities do not compromise the safety of the Institutions operations. Proponent shall provide to their agents, employees and subcontractors, at their own expense, any and all safety equipment required to protect against injuries during the performance of the services and shall ensure that their agents, employees and subcontractors are knowledgeable of and utilize safe practices in the provision of the services, such practices to be at least as stringent as those set out in the Institutions safety standards provided to Proponent from time to time.

4.1.      Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act

The Proponent shall be knowledgeable, and comply at all times with the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation and Code, and its amendments thereto.  The Institutions reserve the right to audit Proponents health and safety performances during the term of this project.

4.2.      WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board)

Proponent warrants and represents that is shall comply with all relevant WSIB Ontario requirements.

  • Proponent is responsible for carrying and paying for full WSIB coverage for itself and all employees engaged in the performance of this project.
  • Should any portion of the work performed is sub-contracted, the Proponent will ensure that each sub-contractor also maintains, during the course of this project, the appropriate insurance coverage.

5.      Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)

This procurement is falls within the scope of Chapter 5 of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement.  For further reference, please visit (https://www.cfta-alec.ca/canadian-free-trade-agreement/).


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