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Electronic Document(s) with Fees
- City of Mississauga's bid documents can be purchased:
 Package price is $64.97 [Includes Biddingo Administrative Fee]
 Package price is $70.63 [Please contact the Purchasing Agency for information]
File Name Description Size Weight Posting Date NDA
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PRC000542 Attachments.zip PRC000542 Attachments  3063KB    11/24/2017  N      
PRC000542 Part A - Bidder Information Package.pdf PRC000542 Part A - Bidder Information Package  377KB    11/24/2017  N      
Amendment(s) Documents
File Name Description Pages Size Posting Date NDA
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Amendment 1 Documents
PRC000542 Addendum 1.pdf PRC000542 Addendum 1  517KB  12/07/2017  N    
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