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P.A. System RFP 2017.pdf Public Address System RFP  28  803KB  09/01/2017  N      
DSB1 School Floor Plans.zip School Floor Plans 48 total  48  21221KB  09/01/2017  N      
Amendment(s) Documents
File Name Description Pages Size Posting Date NDA
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Amendment 1 Documents
PA System RFP BO 2017-08 - Questions and Answers (Addendum .pdf Addendum #1 Answer to questions & Revised closing date  216KB  09/21/2017  N      
Cochrane School Ground Floor (Final) Revision 1.pdf Floor Plan  127KB  09/21/2017  N      
Cochrane School Second Floor (Final) Revision 1 (002).pdf Floor Plan 2  76KB  09/21/2017  N      
Sample Photos of Classroom PA Speakers From Various Schools.pdf Sample Photos  665KB  09/21/2017  N      
Amendment 2 Documents
Addendum #2.pdf Addendum #2  338KB  10/02/2017  N      
Amendment 3 Documents
Cancellation Announcement.pdf Cancellation Announcement  338KB  12/06/2017  N     Download
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