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City of London

London Homeless Prevention Allowance Program


Closing Date: 08/31/2017 02:00:00 PM ET


The Corporation of the City of London is seeking Request for Proposals submissions from qualified organizations to administer London Homeless Prevention Allowances for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.
Proponents must declare any potential conflict of Interest.
Note: A non-mandatory Information Meeting will be held on Thursday, August 17 at 9:30:00 a.m. at City Hall, Committee Room #3, 300 Dufferin Ave, London, ON N6A 4L9
Question Deadline Date: Thursday, August 24, at 2:00:00 p.m.
Project Contact:
Sarah Denomy, Procurement Officer

To Obtain Documents from Biddingo
Fee (Non-Refundable):
$26.55 + $3.45 HST = $30.00 + Applicable Biddingo Fees.
To Obtain Proposal Documents from City of London
In Person Pick-Up:

By Courier Pick-Up
Fee (Non-Refundable):
267 Dundas Street, 4th floor, London, ON N6A 4L9, between the hours of 8:30:00 a.m. to 4:30:00 p.m.
267 Dundas Street, 4th floor, London, ON N6A 4L9, between the hours of 8:30:00 a.m. to 4:30:00 p.m.
Courier must provide document #, complete bidder company name, proper mailing address, fax, phone number and contact name or documents WILL NOT be released.
$55.00 (HST included)
Method of payment: Cash or Cheque
(payable to City Treasurer)

Document Support For information regarding document pick-up and any other inquiries, please contact Purchasing and Supply at
(519) 661-4900 or
Technical Support For information regarding technical support to Biddingo and any other inquiries regarding Biddingo or their website, please contact Biddingo at (416) 756-0955 or info@biddingo.com



All TENDERS, REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS and Formal Quotations (original bids hard copy complete with all enclosed/required documentation) must be received at the City of London’s Purchasing and Supply office. The Bid Submission must be completed in ink, in full, signed and returned in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the name and address of the Responder, Title of File and File Number.  Completed Bid Submissions can be mailed to Purchasing and Supply, P.O. Box 5035, London, Ontario N6A 4L9 or hand delivered (in person or by courier, Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm excluding Statutory Holidays observed by the City of London) to Purchasing & Supply, 267 Dundas Street, 4th Floor, London, Ontario N6A 1H2.  PLEASE NOTE: Facsimiles, Digital Signatures or Photocopies are not acceptable unless specified in the bid document. Respondents are solely responsible for ensuring bids are received by Purchasing & Supply prior to the closing date and time.  The City is NOT responsible for bids which have not been properly identified.

  • It is the sole responsibility of each potential supplier, past or present, to register with www.biddingo.com/london. The City is not responsible for any potential supplier, past or present, for not being aware of any or all business opportunities.

NOTE: QUESTIONS from Potential Bidders that the City chooses to respond to will be posted as an addendum on www.biddingo.com/london within 48 business hours (City of London) after question deadline time and date.

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