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Bid Scope
District School Board of Niagara

Containerized Waste Removal


Closing Date: 01/15/2019 2:00:00 PM ET


The District School Board of Niagara (hereafter referred to as the DSBN) on behalf of the Niagara Public Purchasing Committee (hereafter known as NPPC) requires a Service Provider to perform containerized waste removal to the participating agencies of the NPPC at various locations, within the limits of the Regional Municipality of Niagara, as detailed herein.

The DSBN/NPPC is seeking one Service Provider to supply all necessary labour, equipment and material necessary for the supply, maintenance and tipping of containers and disposal of the waste materials as detailed herein.   Please refer to Scope of Work (Section 21) for a detailed listing of service requirements.

Proponents must service all sites listed in Appendix C, in order to be deemed eligible to bid. 

The contract will be awarded for a two-year period, commencing April 1, 2019 with four possible one-year extensions.

The participating NPPC Agencies for this RFP are listed below:

  1. The District School Board of Niagara
  2. Brock University
  3. City of Niagara Falls
  4. City of St. Catharines
  5. City of Thorold
  6. City of Welland
  7. Niagara Catholic District School Board
  8. Niagara Parks Commission
  9. Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority
  10. Regional Municipality of Niagara
  11. Town of Fort Erie
The DSBN serves over 36,000 students through 79 elementary schools and 20 secondary schools in the Niagara Region.  A full list of locations is included in Appendix C – Schedule of Pickups.
Individual Agencies will contract for the services listed herein with the successful proponent.  The successful proponent must accept contracts from the said Agencies and invoice the individual said Agencies per the orders placed by these Agencies.

Proposal submissions are to be submitted in a professional format, providing as a minimum, the information as requested in this RFP.  Information should be set in the same order as indicated below.  Each Category should be identified by a corresponding numbered tab.  Respondents who fail to provide this information, in a form satisfactory to the DSBN, in its sole discretion, may have their submission rejected from further consideration.
Proponents will be evaluated according to the information provided in Section 12 - Selection Criteria.
Section 1 – Experience and Qualifications
Proponents shall provide the following information:
  • Describe the Proponent’s experience in the waste management service industry as it relates to the deliverables;
  • Provide a summary of the experience and qualifications of the key individuals responsible for managing the contract;
  • Submit copies of appropriate licences/approvals from the Ministry to support the proper handling and disposal of waste and recyclables;
  • Submit copies of all necessary Truck Transportation Act (TTA) and Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration (CVOR) licenses;
  • Submit a copy of the company’s CVOR Safety Rating as required under section 17.1 (1) of the Highway Traffic.  Proponents must maintain a minimum rating of “satisfactory” to be considered for work under this RFP and must submit updates, as requested, to verify the rating, as determined by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.
Section 2 – Capacity and Capabilities
Proponents shall provide the following information 
  • Describe the capabilities and capacity to undertake all the tasks outlined in the RFP;
  • Describe your company’s ability to supply and deliver waste and recycling containers as required by April 1, 2019.  If awarded this contract, indicate the time required from receipt of Purchase Order for delivery of all containers required to fulfill this contract;
  • Describe the number of business days required to supply additional container(s) once contract is under way;
  • Describe the measures your company would take in order to ensure that the DSBN/NPPC continues
  • Proposed organizational structure and communications system which will be utilized to fulfill contractual obligation
  • In the event that problems or areas of concern cannot be remedied by the individuals proposed to the DSBN/NPPC’s satisfaction, please indicate what procedures would be used by your company to elevate the issues to a more senior level.  Please provide the names, titles, and contact information of the individuals mentioned in the escalation process;
  • Describe the measures which your company would take in order to integrate this contract into your company’s existing workload should your company be awarded the contract, by addressing, but not limited to the following:
  • Number and description of available trucks and waste collection drivers at the location;
  • Number of licensed mechanics;
  • Number of employees at the location;
  • Availability of containers (include brochures, photographs, descriptions, specifications (including available colours and finishes where applicable) for each type of container being proposed).  The DSBN/NPPC reserves the right to approve the proposed containers prior to award of contract;
  • Description and location of garage and maintenance facilities.
Section 3 – Waste Diversion Programs
Proponents shall provide the following information:
  • Provide the approved recycling/diversion facilities for the following materials:
  • Waste
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Compost
  • Mixed Recycling materials (glass/cans/plastic)
  • Fine Paper
  • Single stream mixed recycling materials (glass/cans/plastic/cardboard/paper)
  • Indicate where recycling is being processed.
Section 4 – Related Service Contracts
Proponents shall provide information for a minimum of three (3) related service contracts or multi-year contracts where you have completed work and similar services for clients in the past five (5) years.  A brief summary of the project / contract details must be provided including: the name of the client organization, number of buildings, numbers of containers, tonnage/volume of work, duration of the contract including start and finish dates, and approximate cost of the contract.
Section 5 – Value Added Services
List and describe any added value that may be of interest to the DSBN/NPPC.
What measures have been taken to “green” the company fleet?
Are trucks equipped to weigh waste (as well as cardboard, recycling or compostables) in order to provide information to agencies on generated waste? If so, what kind of reporting can be provided? Please describe the cost associated with this value add.

  12.1 All compliant proposal submissions will be evaluated by a DSBN evaluation committee based on the evaluation criteria detailed herein.  It must be understood and accepted by any Proponent that all decisions as to the degree to which a proposal meets the requirements of this RFP are solely within the judgment of the proposal evaluation team.

12.2 Award will be made to the responsible proponent whose proposal is determined to offer the greatest benefit to the DSBN/NPPC, taking into consideration the requirements and evaluation factors set forth within this RFP. The DSBN will make the determination of the greatest benefit and award the contract accordingly, at its sole discretion, using the Selection Criteria. The DSBN retains the right to select any proposal that is in the best interest of and provides the best value to the DSBN/NPPC, or to reject all submissions for budgetary or other interests that are in the best interests of the DSBN/NPPC.

12.3 The DSBN shall not be bound to award to the lowest price or any Offer, subject to selection criteria. All Proponents agree that the decision of the Selection Committee shall be final and without recourse. Proposals shall be evaluated in the sole discretion of the DSBN on the basis of the following criteria:
      Rated Criteria
Section 1 – Experience and Qualifications
Maximum Points
      Section 2 – Capacity & Capabilities 25
      Section 3 – Waste Diversion Programs 5
      Section 4 – Related Service Contracts
Section 5 – Value Added Services
      Section 22.1 – Service Contract Rates (Total Contract Cost) 30
      Total 100
Proponents are advised that regardless of total score, a poor ranking in any Category (other than price) may render the submission unacceptable.
The total contract cost (TCC) will be calculated by Low Bid / Proponent Bid x 30 Points.  The lowest TCC will receive the maximum number of points, which is 30.  Each proposal’s TCC will be weighed against the lowest TCC and the number of points will be prorated.
In addition to the Evaluation Criteria above the DSBN may conduct reference checks for the highest scoring Proponent. Proponents must achieve a 75% or better rating to receive an award from this proposal. Where DSBN has direct experience with a Proponent, DSBN will provide the reference score. Where DSBN has no direct experience with a Proponent the references may be contacted and asked to provide their rating. If references are not current (for work done within the last two years), score may be reduced. If references are not pertinent to institutional environments the score may be reduced. DSBN will attempt to contact references twice. If DSBN does not receive responses from at least two out of three references, then DSBN will not have enough information and the reference check will be considered a fail. The DSBN reserves the right to contact references that are or are not listed on the Proponent’s reference form (Appendix D).

The Deliverables
21.1       The successful Proponent will collect non-hazardous solid waste and recyclable materials (mixed fibers/paper, corrugated cardboard, aluminum and tin cans, plastic & glass bottles/jars from food/beverage products and/or cleaning products) from DSBN/NPPC sites for transport, sorting, diversion and disposal to landfill sites approved by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (Ministry), regardless of weather conditions and on a scheduled basis in accordance with the RFP terms, conditions and specifications and as directed by DSBN/NPPC.
21.2        The successful proponent will provide at its own expense all and every kind of labour, vehicles, waste collection bins, tools, equipment, fuel, permits, tipping fees, licenses, and all other resources necessary for the due execution of the work set out or referred to in the contract.  DSBN/NPPC will not be responsible for any additional fuel costs.
21.3       A list of all sites complete with information including size and number of containers, and collection frequency at each site is supplied in Appendix C.  The containers on site are not the property of the DSBN/NPPC but that of the current service provider and will be removed by the current provider (with the exception of the two sites with Moloks).
21.4        All personnel shall be paid employees of the Contractor.  The Contractor will employ only orderly, competent and skilled persons to do the Work.  The Contractor shall ensure employees conduct themselves in a polite and courteous manner towards the public, staff and students.  The Contractor will address complaints regarding disorderly or unruly behavior by its employees to the satisfaction of the DSBN/NPPC.  All drivers must be experienced, possessing a valid driver’s license applicable to the vehicle they are operating.
21.5        The Contractor shall make good any damage to buildings, playground equipment, fences, pavement, grounds, etc. resulting from the Contractor’s operations.  Should the Contractor fail do so, the DSBN/NPPC shall make such repairs and deduct the resulting costs from payment due to the Contractor.
Collection Dates & Times
21.6       Collection shall occur per the collection frequency as specified in Appendix C.  DSBN/NPPC and the Successful Proponent will mutually agree for collection days.
21.7        Any scheduled collection that is missed due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances shall be collected within 24 hours following the missed collection.
21.8        All collections must be made between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:00 pm or as per current local noise by-laws. 
21.9       The Successful Proponent shall not commence pickup prior to 7:00 am.  Vehicles shall avoid:
  • School recesses or lunch hours,
  • When students are in the immediate vicinity of the containers,
  • During bus loading or unloading.
21.10      Drivers shall not operate their vehicles beyond the designated areas, unless permission is received from the School Principal or authorized delegate.  Such vehicles will be operated with due caution at all times while on school property.
21.11      It is the complete and total responsibility of the operation of the motor vehicle to exercise extreme caution when reversing a vehicle on school property.  Whenever possible, another employee should be requested to assist the operator.  All vehicles assigned to be on school property must have an active reverse signaling device to alert anyone in the general vicinity that the vehicle is reversing.
21.12     Any change to collection times initiated by the Successful Proponent through the course of the contract must receive approval from DSBN/NPPC before they become effective.  The Successful Proponent shall be responsible for advising DSBN/NPPC in writing at least two (2) weeks prior to the proposed change to the affected area.
21.13      DSBN: Regular service covers the school year from September 1st to June 30th; as well as the first week of July and the last week of August.  A selection of schools will require service during the month of July for summer school at a reduced schedule. The DSBN/NPPC will only be charged for pickup service when scheduled. 
21.14     DSBN: Temporary Service Suspension: No scheduled service will be required for summer, Christmas break and March break unless otherwise requested by the DSBN.  Furthermore, DSBN/NPPC reserves the right to temporarily suspend the collection service over the course of the Contract upon giving ten (10) calendar days written notification.  Any pickups requested during the service suspension periods will be invoiced at the pricing quoted for the corresponding year.    The DSBN/NPPC will only be charged for pickup service when scheduled. 
21.15      Requests for additional collections will be communicated to the Successful Proponent through a DSBN/NPPC authorized person.
21.16     The Successful Proponent shall handle all containers with due care.  After removing the contents, shall place the containers at the point from which they were taken.
21.17     The DSBN/NPPC reserves the right to increase or decrease the frequency of service from that stated.  Extra pickups may be requested and shall occur within 24 hours of the requested call-in.  Authorization for additional collections may be given by DSBN/NPPC authorized personnel or designate only.
Additions/Closing of sites
21.18      DSBN/NPPC may require additional waste collection services at new sites.  Existing contract rates will apply to new sites and will include no-charge waste container delivery and/or pickup.
21.19   DSBN/NPPC may close sites during the term of the contract. The Successful Proponent, upon notification, will stop collecting the waste and recyclables from a site as directed by DSBN/NPPC. DSBN/NPPC will provide a minimum of ten (10) days’ notice in writing. The contract will be amended to remove closed sites. The Successful Proponent will not invoice for closed sites where collection has been cancelled. 
Supply of Containers
21.20     The Successful Proponent shall supply, deliver, and set in place at no charge to DSBN/NPPC, the requested size and quantities of exterior containers to affect collection. The supplied containers, including lids and locking mechanisms, shall be maintained in good condition where all repairs are to be undertaken by the Successful Proponent in an expeditious manner. The containers shall be cleaned, painted, or replaced as required so as to prevent foul odours or unsightly appearance. 
21.21     All deliveries of containers must be received within 48 hours of receipt of order (or an agreed upon timeframe).
21.22     The Successful Proponent will provide master keyed-alike lock system for each container for the duration of the contract.  Containers must be kept locked at all times.
21.23      In the event that the original container must be removed from a site due to fire damage, maintenance or for any other reason, the Successful Proponent must immediately supply a replacement container of the same size to DSBN/NPPC's site at no additional cost to DSBN/NPPC.
21.24     DSBN/NPPC reserves the right to add, remove or change the size of containers at any of the sites over the course of the contract, upon giving ten (10) days’ notice, at no additional cost to DSBN/NPPC.
21.25     All containers must:
•     Be in excellent condition upon delivery. Containers do not have to be new;
•     Be of steel fabrication and leak proof;
•     Be free of rust and sharp edges or projections that could be a safety hazard;
•     Have sloped roofs also known as slant style containers (2, 4, 6 & 8 cubic yards)(or sliding door as requested by the DSBN/NPPC);
•     Have two (2) durable plastic hinged lids. Lids must fit tightly to prevent water from entering the container and to eliminate, as much as possible, accessibility in an attempt to eliminate arson;
•     Have the ability to be locked with a pad lock;
•     Be identified as either waste or recycling by a different paint colour. Waste and recycling container colours must be consistent across DSBN/NPPC sites. For example, all recycling containers will be green and all waste bins will be blue;
•     Be clearly labeled to provide direction to staff for correct sorting;
•     Not have lettering or advertising for other vendors or products;
Container Locations
21.26     The location of the container placement shall be determined solely by DSBN/NPPC while still allowing for easy access by the Successful Proponent.
21.27     Containers will be delivered to each DSBN/NPPC site as required at the Successful Proponent's expense.  As required, containers will also be removed from DSBN/NPPC sites at the Successful Proponent’s expense.
Placements of Decals
21.28     The Successful Proponent will be responsible for supplying and adhering decals to containers that identify the container use, either waste or recycling as applicable and no parking.
21.29     These decals shall be applied in a visible location on the front of each container. All labels shall be supplied at the Successful Proponent's expense after having received approval from DSBN/NPPC.
21.30      The Successful Proponent shall be responsible for replacement of decals as required throughout the term of the contract.
Maintenance of Containers (including lids)
21.31     The Successful Proponent will steam clean, repair, and paint containers at no cost to DSBN/NPPC as often as is deemed necessary by DSBN/NPPC except as due to regular wear and tear.
21.32   Containers will be sprayed with disinfectant and deodorant by the Successful Proponent as required.
Replacement of Damaged Containers / Lids
21.33      The Successful Proponent shall be responsible for all events other than fire damage which necessitate replacement of the containers.
21.34      In all cases, the Successful Proponent shall be responsible for the removal and disposal of the damaged container and for the delivery of the replacement container, complete with lids, locking mechanisms and decals, to the appropriate site at no additional cost to DSBN/NPPC.
21.35     Any incidents whereby a container, lid or locking mechanism has been vandalized or damaged by fire must be reported to DSBN/NPPC's representative within twenty four (24) hours.
21.36      The Successful Proponent shall be responsible for delivering and installing the lid(s) onto the container and making the locking mechanism functional at no extra cost to DSBN/NPPC.
21.37     The Successful Proponent shall not act until they have received a Purchase Order or authorization to proceed from DSBN/NPPC. The Successful Proponent shall be responsible for all other events which necessitate replacement of the lids.
Repainting of Containers
21.38      All events which necessitate repainting of the container will be the responsibility of the Successful Proponent.
21.39      DSBN/NPPC will require that any graffiti or vandalism markings be painted over with an appropriate colour paint to match the container. Spot painting is acceptable.
21.40     Re-painting of containers will only be required as deemed necessary in the opinion of DSBN/NPPC.
21.41     The Successful Proponent shall not act until they have received a Purchase Order or authorization to proceed from DSBN/NPPC.
21.42      DSBN/NPPC shall not be financially responsible for any container painting as desired by the Successful Proponent upon completion of the contract.
Collection Vehicles
21.43      Collection vehicles must be in good mechanical order and conform to current industry, regulatory, safety, licensing and other applicable standards, as amended. Collection vehicles are to be equipped with operational reversing warning signals. Successful Proponents' vehicles must be capable of servicing the front-end loading containers and the roll-off containers.
21.44      Trucks shall be equipped with all equipment and accessories as required by the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and must display a sticker indicating that the vehicle has passed a truck inspection as required by the Highway Traffic Act.
21.45      The Successful Proponent shall at all times provide, maintain and operate a sufficient number of vehicles with experienced drivers to maintain the levels of service required under this Contract. The drivers must be completely familiar with all aspects of the vehicle and have a thorough understanding of the operation of all vehicle controls. The drivers must be licensed for the vehicles driven.
21.46     All vehicles used in fulfilling this contract must be kept clean and disinfected so as not to cause any offensive odours.
21.47     The Successful Proponent shall agree to fix any damage to property or buildings of DSBN/NPPC caused by the negligent or inappropriate operation of the Successful Proponents' vehicles or equipment.
21.48      The Successful Proponent shall understand that it is working in a public environment and in the presence of children. At no time, shall the driver of collectors use profane, foul, vulgar, obscene or inappropriate language or actions while performing the services.
21.49     The Successful Proponent shall not cause or permit vehicles or trailers to be loaded beyond the legal limit as specified in the Highway Traffic Act, whether such vehicles are registered in the name of the Successful Proponent or otherwise. The Successful Proponent will be responsible for the consequences of the overload of its vehicles.
21.50      Any necessary Truck Transportation Act (TTA) and Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration (CVOR) licenses (for licensed vehicles over $4,500 kg. gross vehicle weight) required by the Province of Ontario must be obtained and are the responsibility of the proponent. 
Maintenance of Vehicles
21.51     The Successful Proponent will be responsible for the maintenance of all vehicles in the performance of the work and shall produce current and valid certificates of inspection by authorized agents of the Ministry of Transportation upon being requested to do so. All expenses incurred in these inspections will be borne by the Successful Proponent. All equipment used in the execution of the Contract shall be mechanically sound. DSBN/NPPC shall not be responsible for any damage to the Successful Proponent's vehicles in the performance of this contract.
21.52     Vehicles must be properly maintained to eliminate the depositing of waste or liquids onto DSBN/NPPC's property during the performance of the work. It is the Successful Proponent's responsibility to immediately clean up any debris or liquid falls from their vehicle onto DSBN/NPPC's property.
Spills, Contaminants and Pollutants
21.53     The Successful Proponent is required to clean-up spillage, overflow from the container, and loose material resulting from the work, broken container, or for any other reasons, to the satisfaction of DSBN/NPPC.
21.54    The Successful Proponent shall immediately report to DSBN/NPPC:
•     Spills or discharges of pollutants or contaminants under the control of the Successful Proponent, and
•     Spills or discharges of pollutants or contaminants that are as a result of the Successful Proponent's operation that cause or are likely to cause adverse effects. Such spills or discharges and their adverse effects shall be as defined in the Canadian Environmental Protection  Act,  1999 (CEPA)  as amended and all  regulations thereto.  The Successful Proponent shall comply with the requirement of the CEPA including, all notice requirements.
21.55     Under NO circumstances will any spill be allowed to enter into catch basins or
             storm sewers.
21.56     Any permanent damage arising from a spill to asphalt, will be repaired by the DSBN/NPPC and charged back to the Contractor.
21.57    In addition to the above requirements, any vehicles being operated will cease operations until the Successful Proponent's Supervisor arrives on site. Absorbent will be laid down immediately. As soon as the absorbent has had the desired effect, it is to be scraped from the pavement or affected property. If residue still remains, the Successful Proponent will apply another layer of absorbent and will leave the site in a clean and tidy condition. Failure to respond immediately to this kind of spill may result in asphalt damage or other damage for which the Successful Proponent will be responsible.
21.58    If necessary, at DSBN/NPPC's discretion, a power wash and/or blacktopping will be utilized at the Successful Proponent's expense.
21.59   The Successful Proponent agrees that any damages or fines that may be assessed against DSBN/NPPC by reason of a breach or breaches of the Environmental Act by the Successful Proponent or any of its subcontractors will be the expense of the Successful Proponent.
Obstacles to Collection
21.60   The Successful Proponent shall make all reasonable efforts to collect the waste.
21.61   In the event that a collection cannot be completed due to an obstacle to collection, such as a parked car or any other, the driver will immediately contact his dispatch office notifying dispatch of the problem. Dispatch will then contact DSBN/NPPC's Representative in an attempt to rectify the problem. The Successful Proponent shall attempt to return to the site at least once on the day the collection was scheduled at no further expense.   If collection is still not possible, the Successful Proponent will be required to return the following day to complete the collection at the owners expense.
21.62   The Successful Proponent will advise DSBN/NPPC of the reschedule date by email.
21.63   The Successful Proponent will collect all non-hazardous solid waste placed in the bins for collection. In the event that the driver notices that the bin being collected contains waste material other than non-hazardous solid waste, the bin is not to be emptied. The Successful Proponent must immediately contact DSBN/NPPC contact for corrective action.
21.64   The Successful Proponent will collect the "on call" collection within 48 hours of having received a DSBN/NPPC work order. The Successful Proponent will designate a customer support representative to receive and dispatch all work orders to ensure that the waste is collected on time.
Billing & Monthly Reports
21.65  The Successful Proponent will submit invoices electronically by email by the 5th of each month for the previous month's collection.
21.66   Invoices will be submitted in electronic summary format as follows:
•     Summary invoice with the monthly total for all DSBN/NPPC locations, including invoice#, collection start and end date, HST, invoice total; and
•     Detailed invoice/report including the following for each collection available upon request
o          School/location name
o          School/location Address
o          Container size
o          Actual date of collection
o          Actual number of collections
o          Type of collection, e.g. weekly, bi-weekly, on call
o          Purchase Order Number
o          Price
o          HST
o          Total per line item
21.67  The Successful Proponent will also complete a summary annual report that shall be submitted for the annual review between DSBN/NPPC and the Successful Proponent.
21.68  The Successful Proponent is obligated to dispose of all collected recyclables with a site licensed to accept recyclable material. All recyclable materials collected shall be recycled. If requested by DSBN/NPPC, the Successful Proponent shall provide proof that all materials are being recycled. No recyclable material shall be thrown away, dumped, wasted, or otherwise disposed of without written approval from DSBN/NPPC.
21.69  Recycling Categories:
•  Mixed recycle- aluminum food, beverage cans, glass bottles, plastics;
•  Cardboards & papers.
Transition Plan
21.70   Within two weeks of the contract award, the Successful Proponent will submit to DSBN/NPPC, a work plan for all portions of the Contract. The plan must contain detailed descriptions of all tasks to be performed, staff responsible for each task, and collection schedule. The Successful Proponent will meet with representatives of DSBN/NPPC, as necessary, to carry out the program requirements and the final work plan. No additional fees shall be charged for these meetings.
21.71   DSBN/NPPC’s current contract expires March 31, 2019. The Successful Proponent will be required to deliver the containers to all the sites no later than April 1, 2019. Receipt of the Successful Proponent's containers may occur prior to the removal of existing containers to ensure no delay in collection.


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