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About Town of Richmond Hill

The Town of Richmond Hill (Ontario, Canada) started out as a small settlement. The Town was officially incorporated on June 18, 1872, as a village, and the first council meeting was held on January 1, 1873. Richmond Hill developed over time because of its proximity to Toronto, as farmers came into town on their way to Toronto markets and people travelled along Yonge Street to and from communities farther north.

In the 1980s though to the early 2000s, Richmond Hill saw its population grow substantially. While growth somewhat slowed down in the late 2000s, it is estimated that by the year 2021, Richmond Hill's population will exceed 200,000.

Richmond Hill is a distinctive community, one of change and new development yet with strong historical roots. The population is highly educated with most having completed post secondary education or higher. The community is very diverse with a great many new residents being of Chinese, Russian, Iranian and South Asian descent.

The Council of Richmond Hill is committed to protecting the environment and seeking innovative and cost effective ways to do business.

Richmond Hill remains a community with a friendly, down-to-earth flavour. This is supported by the new vision statement outlined in the town's Strategic Plan, "where people come together to build our community."

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