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To: Georgian Bay Area Public Purchasing Co-operative Potential Suppliers/Contractors

Please take notice of the new vendor registration process for the Georgian Bay Area Public Purchasing Co-operative and its Associated Participating Agencies. The GBAPPC consists of municipalities, school boards, and other agencies within the Georgian Bay Area.

Here are the main reasons why you should complete an online vendor application for the Georgian Bay Area Public Purchasing Co-operative:

  • To receive an email notification when a competitive bid has been released relating to one of the commodities registered by your organization.
  • To provide GBAPPC Purchasing Departments with a current, accurate and updated list of potential suppliers/contractors including all contact information.
  • To share supplier contact information across all participating agencies within the GBAPPC.

The GBAPPC vendor application form has been created to make it easier to register with Biddingo.
Required fields to be completed include the name, address, and contact information of the vendor, and a description of the goods or services provided by your company.

Improved application submission process.
By submitting the vendor application to the GBAPPC, all participating agencies can search and locate suppliers by your selected commodity codes. These commodity codes have been designed to reflect goods and services that the agencies purchase yearly. The buyers can utilize the contact information to invite your company to respond to a Request for Tender, Request for Quotation, Request for Proposal, Request for Pre-Qualification, or a Request for Information.

To complete the GBAPPC vendor application form, simply go to:


Who is Biddingo.com? Biddingo.com is a bid publishing organization specializing in distribution of electronic bid documents from public sector agencies across Canada as well as providing online purchasing tools to the GBAPPC. Suppliers and contractors are emailed bid notifications within hours of GBAPPC bid postings, based on the supplier's selected criteria, business category and telephone area code. Document takers lists, amendment notifications, and electronic bid documents are available online through www.Biddingo.com at no charge to subscribers to the service. Non-subscribers are required to pay a nominal fee set by Biddingo.com for any document downloads.

If you have any questions regarding the vendor application process contact the participating agency or contact Biddingo.com Customer Care Team @ 416-756-0955 and /or Email us @ Info@biddingo.com.

David Allan, S.C.M.P
Chair; Georgian Bay Area Public Purchasing Co-operative
Purchasing Manager, City of Barrie

Georgian Bay Area Public Purchasing Co-operative Committee

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