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EFFECTIVE Friday, September 4, 2015 the Purchasing-Facilities has a new address, located at:
15 Oakburn Cres.
West Building, First Floor, North end
Toronto, Ontario
M2N 2T5


If you are invited to bid on a project, but are unable to bid, you must send a "Notice of No Bid". Failure to submit a “Notice of No Bid” twice in a calendar year will result in your company being removed from TDSB’s Approved Contractors List.


If you are unable, or do not wish to Bid on a project, please complete the “Notice of No Bid” which is included in the Bid Documents. State your reason for not bidding by checking applicable box(es) or by explaining briefly in the space provided. It is not necessary to return any other bid document. Return the completed form by email or fax to the TDSB staff who issued the request prior to the official closing date.

Please be sure to complete a “Notice of No Bid” each time you are unable to bid.

Providing feedback, or selecting “Not Interested” on Biddingo’s website is not sufficient and does not replace the requirement of sending the “Notice of No Bid” directly to the TDSB staff who issued the request.

Doing Business with Toronto District School Board - Purchasing & Distribution Services

Toronto District School Board - Purchasing & Distribution Services has partnered with to :

◊ Advertisements/Bid Scope ◊ Distribute Electronic Documents
◊ Issue Amendments

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For further information or assistance please contact us
E:     T: (416)756-0955