Supplier Diversity

What is supplier diversity?

Supplier Diversity is a strategic business process aimed at providing companies owned by aboriginal peoples and minorities an equal opportunity to become suppliers to major corporations across Canada and the US. It is an initiative by corporations to ensure they are being inclusive in their supply chain practices to suppliers of diverse backgrounds, while at the same time capitalizing on the opportunity for competitive advantage and community engagement that comes from working more closely with a broader range of aboriginal and minority suppliers. Supplier Diversity also offers important opportunities to create wealth and employment in aboriginal and minority communities.

CAMSC, in collaboration with corporate members, provide a range of programs and services to assist suppliers in better accessing business opportunities with major corporations.

What supplier diversity is not....

Supplier Diversity is neither a social program nor a promise that participating companies will secure business from participating corporations. It is also not a compromise on the quality, cost or service requirements that are expected of every supplier. Supplier Diversity is not a guarantee; it's a market-access opportunity.